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The following is a collection of some highlighted tutorials.  

These tutorials are focused on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and data visualization tutorials and lessons, with a focus on public health.  Many of these topics are refresher videos posted for Master's students from courses I've taught in New York City at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, and CUNY School of Public Health, Hunter College.  Other core topics covered have come from my time working at the NYC Department of Health, Parsons Institute for Information Mapping, or that I've just found generally interesting and applicable to GIS or data visualization practitioners and / or students.

In many cases I include references and links to the datasets used in the tutorials, which viewers can download directly to follow along.  

You can find and subscribe to the channel here.  The channel is intentionally "add-free" to provide a better user experience to my subscribers.

Crowdsourced Cartography and the New York Public Library

Want to try your hand at digitally rectifying old maps from the New York Public Library to a common basemap?  Check out the NYPL Map Warper.  There's a nice article on this and a number of advancements made at the NYPL, and how they're impacting digital cartography through historical maps.

Chris Goranson