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Intro to Spatial Analysis

Introduction to Spatial Analysis (CDC)

In this course provided by the Centers for Disease Control and developed by the Children's Environmental Health Initiative, you'll learn the basics of a few ArcGIS extensions, namely Network Analyst and Spatial Analyst.  You'll also get to perform a basic Hot Spot Analysis and cover some other handy items like service area analyses and raster based analyses.

Each link below includes a tutorial, exercise and sample dataset.


Intermediate GIS Concepts and Skills Tutorial (Yale)

Yale's Stacey Maples has compiled a number of nice, accessible GIS tutorials and resources that are a helpful start for those wishing to learn more about spatial analysis.  This course will walk you through a few tools and techniques within ArcGIS using the John Snow Cholera dataset.  

Topics covered in this tutorial include:

  • Point Pattern Analysis
  • Field and Summary Statistics
  • Thiessen Polygon Calculation (Spatial Allocation)
  • Spatial Join
  • Spatial Mean and Standard Distance
  • Hot Spot and Areal Interpolation, Geoprocessing Techniques
  • Finding Near Features

As the tutorial doesn't go into depth on the applicability or usefulness of any of the techniques in particular, it's probably best used as a quick introduction to the possibilities, and can serve as a handy step-by-step reminder on how to run each tool or analysis.

Introduction to Spatial Statistics (Stanford)

The Stanford Geospatial Center has compiled an introductory course on topics like spatial pattern analysis, various interpolation techniques, mapping clusters, patterns and an overview of the Spatial Analyst extension.  This particular course covers mapping patterns and clusters for the social sciences.